Capital Campaign


Pledges to Date: $7,151,348.25
Paid to Date: $4,501,525.83

Cornerstone Campaign/Building Fund envelopes are available at the front office or you can click here.

Feasibility Study Results

Over the past 6 weeks Holy Trinity has partnered with CCS Fundraising to oversee a feasibility study. In summary, the cost to complete the new church is $13 million. As a community, we have raised $7 million from the Upon This Rock-The Cornerstone campaign. The feasibility study was designed to test $7.5 million – $6 million to meet the $13 million cost of the church, and an additional $1.5 million to begin preparation for a new parish hall.
Study Results Revealed the following:
• Nearly 500 families provided feedback on the proposed plans.
• 86.5% of respondents have a very positive or positive reaction to the proposed plan.
• 81.2% of respondents believe that Holy Trinity Catholic Church should move forward with a campaign to raise the necessary funds.
• When families were asked if they could accelerate their current pledge payments: 15.3% said yes.
• When asked if they could extend their current pledge payments beyond their scheduled time frame: 27.6% said yes.
• When families were asked if they could pay more, the same, or less toward their pledge: 10.9% said more; 35.3% said the same; only 5.3% said that they would pay less (from 165 surveys).

After careful review, we believe that Holy Trinity does have the capacity to raise $6 million toward the completion of the church. Any plans for a parish hall can only be considered if we exceed the $6 million goal.
Campaign planning is underway and all families are asked to pray for a successful campaign. Please consider how you can be of help during this unique and historic effort. If you have any questions about the campaign or the new church, please call our Campaign Director Kevin Dooley, CCS Fundraising (619) 980-2803 or .

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