We ask for your generosity to continue into the Easter Season because right now given the circumstances there is a lot of need in our community….We’re trying to make sure that our works of mercy keep everyone safe, secure and nourished in body, mind and spirit. Thanks for considering this, and in anticipating your generosity, THANK YOU!!! (I can’t stop screaming- y’all amaze me with your giving spirits!) – Fr Reynold

We will be hosting a DRIVE THRU FOOD DRIVE on Friday April 24th at Holy Trinity! All donations of food will support South County Outreach – need is up by 90% compared to last year, inventory is down by 30%. Place any of the items below in the trunk of your car, along any other food items intended for the hungry, drive over here to the Church parking lot, pop open the trunk and then our sterile, masked, gloved, and careful volunteers will take the donated items out of your trunk, close the trunk up, mouth “Thank you” to you through your closed car window, and wave good-by. It’s as easy as that! We’ll make sure all the food collected gets to the charity and to the hungry.

Oatmeal – Instant or Regular
Pasta – Penne Zita, Fuscilli
Hearty Soups
2 lb Bags of Beans
Pasta Sauce (Red & White)
Cereal & Protein Bars
2 lb Bags of Rice
Instant Soups
Dinner Helpers
Canned Fruit
Canned Pasta Meals
Canned Chicken
Macaroni & Cheese
Canned Beef Stew