Preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist is a 2-year journey that usually begins in the 1st grade. Children who wish to make these sacraments should either be enrolled in Faith Formation classes, or attend Catholic school. During your child’s second year (typically 2nd grade), parents and their children will attend 5 additional Sacramental Preparation sessions together to explore in a more specific way, the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist, how they change and affect our lives, and the logistics of each sacramental celebration.

How do I sign up?

For more information on Sacramental Preparation and to register your child please go to our Sacramental Preparation page.

If your child has not attended Faith Formation classes prior to 2nd grade, or is in 3rd, 4th , or 5th grade and has not yet received these two sacraments, for more information on how to begin the preparation process please contact:

Lyssa Rollolazo