Welcome to FORMED! A parish-wide resource made possible by your generous stewardship.

We are excited that Holy Trinity Catholic Church is a partner in an exciting 24/7 on-line web-based formation series called FORMED, produced by the Augustine Institute and Ignatius Press. This series is designed to help all family members grow in their faith at all levels – how we think, how we pray, and how we live.

Better yet, access is FREE to all parishioners and their families anywhere, anytime on computers, tablets, or phones. Have you wanted to be able to share more with others but felt you were lacking in knowledge? Through this content you will be able to not only learn more about the Catholic Faith but also go deeper and strengthen your own relationship with God. You will learn through beautiful videos, music, and notable Catholic speakers, educators as well as be able to read further on the topics through online links. FORMED is a game-changer, a real immersion of faith! You will also be able to easily access any featured content that is being promoted within our community from time to time. Please join the community of faithful!

To access FORMED, simply visit FORMED.org and register. Once you have signed up, don’t forget to download the free iOS or Android app to put FORMED at your fingertips.