Have you always desired to be catholic, know someone interested in the Catholic faith or who would like to become catholic?

Is Jesus calling you to grow in relationship with him through the sacramental life? Join the journey of RCIA!

RCIA is the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults and is a beautiful journey of faith that includes:

  • Discovering the mysteries of the Catholic faith and deepening your relationship with Jesus & His Church.
  • Personal mentorship with Holy Trinity parishioners who love to share their knowledge and personal faith journey.
  • Reflecting as a community with fellow seekers through group sessions.

The RCIA Journey is for:

  • Those who are not baptized
  • Those who were baptized into another Christian denomination
  • Those baptized Catholics who were not instructed in the Catholic faith & have not completed their Christian initiation through the sacraments of Confirmation & Eucharist.

If any of the following describe your joyful journey, please complete our ONLINE REGISTRATION.

Adults over 18 years old, please contact:
Jennifer Cahuantzi, Director of Faith Formation

Children ages 8-17 who desire to be baptized, please Click Here for more information.