Hey Y’all,

Fr. Reynold here.

I hope and pray that you are doing well – that you’re practicing prescribed healthy habits in isolation, and keeping up your spirits through electronics and prayer. That prayer part, I will say, is most vital. I have received so much encouragement from lots of folks. Thank you for your emails, cards, and letters. And I hope to encourage you and yours through our on-going celebration of Masses online, providing spiritual resources, and also praying like the dickens for you all. I’m not usually one to acknowledge my own prayer life but I have found this season of pandemic has allowed me even more time for personal reflection and prayer. I’ve got time to watch and pray. I’ve got time for praise and thanksgiving with music. I’ve got time with Scripture. I’ve got extra time to pray over my list of folks who have asked for prayers – thinking a little more deeply about each intercession and the needs of folks. I’ve got time to just sit and be quiet, resting in the Lord. I’m practicing lots of different prayer styles and I must say, it has been wonderful.

I’ve found it to be true that there is a direct correlation between stress reduction and prayer. This correlation isn’t just a psychological theory, it’s a truth if we practice it. So if you’re feeling stressed, turn everything off and pray for a while. It’s not easy at first, but pray with faith, knowing that over time your prayerful practice will be easier, more free flowing, and more peace inducing. But the whole idea of prayer isn’t just for stress reduction, it’s to grow closer to God, to increase the virtues of faith-hope-love, and to bless the world. So get back to your rosary. Meditate on Scripture. Pray with you own words from wherever you are. Pray with Holy Trinity liturgically as we live stream. Do you see a pattern here? You can’t make a mistake if you are talking to God humbly and sincerely. Just pray y’all. And if you have any questions, email me, or Fr. John, or anybody on the parish staff. While not spiritual directors, per se, each staff member is a prayerful person. I wouldn’t hire somebody that wasn’t. We’re all happy to help you with your own life in prayer.

Speaking of liturgical prayer above, thanks for so many of you tuning in on-line for Sunday Mass! We kept it simple because we weren’t sure how it was going to work. But thanks to Andrew, Alex, and Rick, we seemed to get things up and running. We’ve got a few things to continue to work on – but we’re working on them. And I’ve got a few things to work on. It was a little strange celebrating Mass without a congregation physically present. It will help me this week knowing that we do have a congregation present virtually. (Somebody sent me a “selfie” showing blanketed legs, dog on laps, and me celebrating Mass on the T.V. in the background. I loved that.) If you want to take a selfie with you and your family celebrating Mass online, I’d love to see them. Let me know, and we might even put some on our webpage. Tag us in your pictures on whatever social media platform you use.

So this week, we’re going to safely add another layer to Sunday worship, hoping to make an odd situation a little more normal. We’re adding one more Mass to our live-streaming schedule and we’re including some music. Of course we’ll all practice social distancing and all that. It will still be rather simple. But hopefully we’ll help you to be ever more prayerful. So tomorrow…

Mass celebrating the Palm Sunday will be live at 8:30am & 10:30am. Fr John will celebrate one Mass. I will celebrate the other.


Tune in y’all!!! It will be live on our YouTube channel! The link will also be posted on our Facebook page, Instagram, and website on Sunday morning.


Daily Mass will continue on Facebook at 8:30am, Monday through Friday.


We added a second Mass at 10:30, obviously not because the 8:30 Mass was crowded, but because I want there to be some normalcy in this less than normal time. See, lots of Catholics are creatures of lovely habits. These habits can be seen on Sunday mornings. We have regular 8:30 people – 10:30 people – 5:30 people. Not to mention the most firmly and happily habitual folks – our Saturday 5pm people. So I am throwing a little shout out to the 10:30 folks. You can get up a bit later and get to your “normal” Mass even if Mass is coming to you, instead of you coming to Mass. So, tell all your family and friends to tune in to the Mass of their choice tomorrow morning!

Finally, this week we’re going to be making some phone calls, checking up on everybody. I miss seeing you all. The staff misses you all. So we’re going to start to call everybody in the parish. It will be good to hear your voice. We’re not calling to ask for anything. We’re not soliciting or hitting y’all up for anything. We’re just calling to see how you’re doing and to see if we can do anything for you. So if you see a Holy Trinity phone number, go ahead and pick up.

So stay well, pray, and keep the faith!

Bless all y’all,
Fr. Reynold

Response to COVID-19

Hey Y’all,

Fr. Reynold here…and unless you’re a hermit, you know we’re all supposed to shut down for a time. Below, you can read the directive all the Pastors received from Bishop Vann. Our Bishop is following the order issued by our Governor, Mr. Newsom. The directive states…

“In light of the GOVERNOR’S ORDER FOR ALL CALIF. RESIDENTS TO REMAIN AT HOME, EXCEPT ESSENTIAL SERVICES INDIVIDUALS, we want to provide further clarifications and reminders about public and private gatherings.

What does this mean for our Parishes, Schools, Pastoral Center and Cathedral Campus?


As you can see, the language is emphatic. We will follow the directives of Bishop Vann intentionally, because by doing so we can help contain the virus. And we will follow Bishop Vann’s directives out of obedience because it is a spiritual discipline! Please don’t look for ways to get around this. That’s not good for you spiritually.

Holy Trinity is going to offer the celebration of the Mass “virtually” by live-streaming. Mass, and your intentions at Mass, will continue as always. Fr. John and I are mandated to celebrate Mass and our Divine Office daily. We have done so since our Ordinations without a lot of you even knowing that we do this. In that way, prayer for you has been on-going virtually even if you’re unaware. And while the physicality of the Sacraments is important – since God made us physical creatures -there are seasons when the physical celebration of the Sacraments isn’t possible. A season of pandemic qualifies as that.

So, here’s how I’d ask you all to think about this. Virtual celebration- we’ve got that. Physical presence is temporarily unavailable. But the Spiritual celebration and presence and reality- the grace that is given by praising and worshiping and being obedient- that isn’t compromised at all!!! So, let’s not be glum or
crabby, or sad. Instead let’s practice the spiritual reality of our faith in our current situation! God hasn’t changed. The Incarnation hasn’t changed. Our need to Worship hasn’t changed. And while community might be different physically, we’re still bond together spiritually! We are Roman Catholics living by

So now for the specifics…

– The Office and Church are officially closed. But the phone still works for immediate needs. Call a need arises. You might have to leave a message. My extension is 105. Fr. John’s is 10

– We’re going to suspend physical ministry activities for the time being. But as soon as we get the signal, we’ll be happy to see y’all again. And we’re looking forward to being active again!

– We’re still working on-line, and sending out resources. If you’re hunkering down, and I hope that you are, please take some time to grow spiritually through the on-line resources we’re offering. There are cartoons for the kids, studies for teens and adults. Plus there is devotional stuff galore. You’re got the time! Have at it!

– We’ll live stream Sunday Mass tomorrow at 8:30 AM. I know that this might not be your regular Mass time. Get up at 8:30 pray with us, and then go back to bed if you want to. This might be the only time you can attend Mass in your bath robe and slippers! Enjoy it!If 8:30 is too early you can check out other Diocesan or parish streams. There is a list with links at the bottom of this email. I was going to write out a little devotional on the daily readings every day, but instead we’re going to live-stream daily Mass. So you can tune into that at 8:30 AM, Monday – Friday. I might still write a little something, so watch for that on the parish webpage!

– If there is a need for a funeral, please contact me or Fr. John. You can also try Greg Wieckert one of our bereavement ministers – (714) 349-8465. There are special conditions for the celebration of funerals at this time. We can work with each family within the directives.

– Fr. John and I can also celebrate the Sacrament of the Sick for those who are suffering serious illness. Please contact us as the need arises.

– Please look for more information about live-streaming liturgies and other Holy Trinity info as time marches on. We’ll get y’all some palms for Palm (Passion) Sunday. We’ll give you times for Holy Week and Easter as we get closer to those dates.

– I’d ask you to concentrate some prayer time on those who are sick. There are some Holy Trinity families that are victims of this pandemic. There might be more in the coming days. Please pray for strength, hope, healing and the restoration of physical and emotional health for all.

So y’all, keep up the prayer. Keep the faith. Encourage each other thru electronics – maybe more phone calls than texts or emails. You’re got time. Talk to each other. Listen to each other. Take care of each other. Be patient with each other! Concentrating on patience, kindness, giving of your time and talent, and prayer…and then throw in some fasting and it sounds like a good way to mature in this weirdly grace-filled Lent!

And please know that I’m expectantly waiting for that joyous time where we can call get together physically, seeing each other face to face!!!

Fr. Reynold

List of Mass broadcast and livestreams

Message of Hope and Tips for dealing with COVID-19

The following two articles were written by one of our parishioners, Dr. Gina Rodinelli. She is a practicing psychologist who offers some great insight, with ways to cope during this time of pandemic.

How to Manage Anxiety and Isolation During Quarantine

A Message of Hope

Stations of the Cross

Unfortunately, due to the Pandemic Emergency Order we are unable to invite you to Holy Trinity to pray the Stations of the Cross with us. However, you are still welcome to pray the Stations of the Cross at any time this Lenten season from the comfort and safety of your home. Please use the link below to view or download a guide specifically for the Stations of the Cross at Holy Trinity.

The Stations of the Cross are a 14-step Catholic devotion that commemorates Jesus Christ’s last day on Earth as a man. The 14 devotions, or stations, focus on specific events of His last day, beginning with His condemnation. The stations are commonly used as a mini pilgrimage as the individual moves from station to station. At each station, the individual recalls and meditates on a specific event from Christ’s last day. Specific prayers are recited, then the individual moves to the next station until all 14 are complete (Catholic.org)


Holy Trinity – Stations of the Cross

Diocese Response to COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bishop Kevin Vann announced today (3/17) that all daily and Sunday in-person Masses in the Diocese of Orange will be temporarily cancelled.
However, churches will remain open for parishioners and others who wish to pray and seek spiritual assistance. All Catholics in our Diocese are dispensed from the obligation of attending Mass. A decision on when Masses will resume will be made in coordination with state and local public authorities.
“I have grown deeply troubled by the rapid spread of the COVID0-19 pandemic,” said Bishop Vann. “While the doors of the church are always open and will never close for individual visits, I encourage parishioners to follow the protocols communicated by the health professionals.”
Parishioners will be able to view Sunday Mass via livestream at Facebook.com/ChristCathedralCA in English at 9:45 a.m., Spanish at 11:30 a.m. and Vietnamese at 1:15 p.m.
Christ Cathedral plans to livestream daily Mass in English at 6:30 a.m. and Vietnamese 5:30 p.m.


The Diocese of Orange is canceling on-site classes and student-related activities from March 16 – April 20, 2020. This includes any planned school events such as fundraisers, community events as well as field trips. On-site classes are foreseen to resume on April 20, 2020. Course content will be delivered utilizing the Diocesan distance learning protocol which has been distributed to all schools.

For updates regarding this closure, please visit our OC Catholic Schools website at https://occatholicschools.org/.


Online Giving

As you know, all churches in our Diocese are temporarily closed due to ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. However, we will be streaming Mass live from Holy Trinity each day of the week. So while you won’t be able to be physically be present for Sunday Mass, we hope you can join us virtually and spiritually.

We also want to encourage you to continue supporting our Parish by signing up for online giving. While you or your child might miss out on the tradition of putting something in the basket in person, we appreciate your support virtually as we navigate through these unprecedented times.

You can sign up for online giving HERE or please contact our office (949) 218-3131 if you need any assistance. Thank you for your support and contribution to our mission as a church.

Eucharistic Adoration

Join us of Friday, March 6th for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament after 8:30am Mass. The Blessed Sacrament will be exposed from 9:00am until 7:30pm. All are welcome.

When the Blessed Sacrament is exposed, someone must always be present in the church with Our Lord. Please consider signing up for a time slot below to spend some time in prayer and ensure someone is always present…


Gaze upon him, consider him, contemplate him, as you desire to imitate him

St Clare of Assisi



A Message From Fr Reynold

Hey Y’all,

Lent is upon us.  It’s again that season where we practice discipline and self-denial as a way to get over ourselves, not emphasizing the physical, but building up the interior, spiritual, power of the will.  This is so we can focus on God’s will, giving own will more fully to the will of God.  One of the ways that we are going to practice self-denial as a parish this year will be a fast from donuts. We’re not going to have donuts for a couple of reasons. 

The first being, it’s just right and fitting to remember that Jesus is the reason we’re coming to Church. Our worship of God is important. I know that you all know that.  I know that lots of parents might incentivize good behavior by the offering of a donut after Mass. Incentives work, at least partially.  But parents, let’s try this Lent to take the time to teach the young ‘uns some proper behavior for the sake of proper behavior.  Praise your kids, loving them up when they are good in Church.  And then lovingly encouraging them to do better next time if they’re less than good.  I recognize parents that you’re already training your children in this way.  Just keep it up, knowing that it will make a difference.  And if you need an disincentive for bad behavior, tell the kids that I’ll preach even longer week after week until they behave.  The threat of that might make the behavior of a lot of adults prayerfully improve too.  (I know that some of you all are checking emails and baseball scores on your phones.  So let me loving encourage you to knock it off.)

The second reason we’re going to take a break from donuts is practical.  We need to build up a volunteer base to expand our after Mass hospitality. When Easter arrives, after the fasting, the donuts will taste even better.  And we’d like to organize a group of volunteers that might also provide coffee with the donuts.  We’d like to make the social time after Mass even more vibrant.  So during this Lenten season, I’ll be praying, and the staff will be working to organize the “donut ministry”.  If you feel called to help with this at a Mass once a month, please let me know.  If this ministry develops well during Lent, donuts will be back on Sunday, April 19th.  Oh what a day of rejoicing for the Lord has risen and we once again enjoy the delights of this world with renewed spirits!

Finally, below is a traditional way of reasoning on the practice of fasting, provided by the Orthodox theologian Alexander Schmemann.

“Christian tradition can name at least seven reasons for fasting:

From the beginning, God commanded some fasting, and sin entered into the world because Adam and Eve broke the fast.

For the Christian, fasting is ultimately about fasting from sin.

Fasting reveals our dependence on God and not the resources of this world.

Fasting is an ancient way of preparing for the Eucharist—the truest of foods.

Fasting is preparation for baptism (and all the sacraments)—for the reception of grace.

Fasting is a means of saving resources to give to the poor.

Fasting is a means of self-discipline, chastity, and the restraining of the appetites.”

Alexander Schmemann, “Notes in Liturgical Theology,” St. Vladimir’s Seminary Quarterly, Vol. 3, No. 1, Winter 1959, pp. 2-9. 


As part of their journey towards the Sacrament of Confirmation, Year 2 Candidates were invited to get involved in acts of discipleship (service) in their community. They are then invited to create digital displays that showcased their area of service.

Join us in the Parish Hall on Sunday, February 9th after each Mass time (or the after Mass on Saturday night) to see all of their displays and enjoy some COFFEE & DONUTS with your parish community! We will have cups and bags of coffee for sale – all proceeds support our Mission trip to Mexico!