As promised, here are the financial reports covered last weekend. As Father Michael put it, Holy Trinity is still quite young, only 16 years old. In the scheme of things, when the average age of a parish in the Diocese of Orange is 50 years old or more, we are still an adolescent. So we need to make sure that our child, Holy Trinity, gets through high school, and college and then grad school and a very expensive doctorate program. Holy Trinity has come along way and we still have a long way to go, but we will accomplish building God’s Church and God’s community together. We need everyone’s participation. Will you help?

Efforts that will help: There are many ways!

• Increase your weekly giving/ tithing…$10 or more per week would make a huge impact!

• Participate in Electronic Giving, it is convenient, and please consider increasing. Click Here to sign up for electronic giving.

• Participate in the PSA…let’s make this the best year ever with 100% family participation. Click Here to sign up to give to the PSA.

• Make good on your capital campaign pledge, pay it off/make a new pledge.

Participate in all fundraisers. Look forward to several fun, fellowship and fundraising opportunities throughout the year. If you are interested in volunteering on the Fundraising Committee, please email Lyssa Rollolazo at

Donate to Parish Upgrades: project opportunities are in the bulletin. Click Here to view the bulletins.

• Remember Holy Trinity in your Estate Planning

• We need everyone to give the 4 T’s, Time, Talent, Treasure and TRUST. Click Here to learn more about the 4 T’s. Click Here for volunteer opportunities at Holy Trinity

• Come to the Town Hall meeting to have an open discussion and brainstorm ways to reduce the debt: Thursday, August 5th from 6:30pm-8:00pm in the Parish Hall.

• Look forward to Another capital campaign…OR if anyone can write a check for 1M or 2M let us know. Father Michael will have you over for dinner…he’s an excellent cook!

• PRAY…Pray Incessantly.