All high school students are invited to join us for Bible Reflection every Wednesday from 7:00pm to 9:oopm. We gather in the Parish Hall for some food, fellowship and games before we share/reflect on the upcoming Sunday Gospel. All are high school age students (and friends) are welcome.



Our monthly Youth Nights invite all high school aged students to join us for an evening of community. We meet once a month at either Holy Trinity or a local venue. Whether it is a movie or game night, bowling, Christian music concerts or broomball…there will always be dinner! We would love to see you there. All upcoming Youth Nights will be posted on our parish calendar and social media (Instagram/Facebook).


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High School Donations

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Steubenville San Diego is a Catholic conference for teens. And it is so much more than a conference! It’s a retreat weekend and a transformational experience. Evangelistic in nature, authentically Catholic, Steubenville San Diego is a weekend filled with great speakers, engaging music, reverent Mass and prayer, and tremendous fellowship. Through powerful witness, inspiring worship and dynamic liturgies, Steubenville San Diego offers youth, young adults and leaders the opportunity to encounter Christ and to see the truth and beauty of our Church. To be loved so that they may go out into the world and love one another!

Steubenville is open to all incoming Freshman in the Fall of 2019. For more information click here


Servant Leadership is open to all Holy Trinity students who have been confirmed and currently in their junior or senior year of High School.  The team serves our Church in various ways – as co-catechists in our Middle School and Confirmation programs, small group leaders on retreats and with various Youth Ministry and parish-wide events. If you would like to get involved please contact Andrew by email.


The Sacrament of Confirmation is available to all high school students in 9th grade (or above). For more information on the Confirmation journey here at Holy Trinity please click here.


As part of their journey towards the Sacrament of Confirmation, candidates are invited to get involved in acts of discipleship (service) in their community. All Candidates are then asked to create a display that highlights their area of service that is shown as part of our Discipleship Display Weekend. After Mass on February 24th we presented these to displays to the parish community in our Parish Hall. This was the first year that we went digital (no more poster boards!) and the candidates did a fantastic job not only with their displays but their acts of love and kindness in their community. Please see the videos below for all of the displays by our Year 2 Candidates. Just press pause if you want more time to read them.

The world calls us to use our gifts and talents are for personal gain – “what do I get out of it? What will it do for me?” God’s call is different; it allows us to share our lives with others in response to knowing our gifts, talents and passions are from God.