What is Steubenville?

Well, it’s only the greatest Catholic Youth Conference in the United States! Steubenville is a Franciscan, Christ-centered, sacrament-soaked, prayer fueled immersion in Catholic teachings on leadership, evangelization, and discipleship inspired by the life and witness of St. Francis of Assisi. Our leadership philosophy is based on the foundation that youth leadership flows from a personal relationship with Christ. Therefore, we first give teens the tools to grow closer in their relationship with Jesus and then give them the essentials for servant leadership and evangelization. – Steubenville website.

There were so many Catholic youth from all over and you could feel the energy and the Holy Spirit. It was amazing to be with other believers growing in faith. It was awesome! – Tiani, college freshman


When is the right time to go to Steubenville?

All high school students are welcome.

Every high schooler should go to Steubenville. And if you’ve been to the Holy Trinity Confirmation Retreat, it’s like that – an enriching conference with a retreat vibe. It’s another chance to grow in relationship with God and learn about what our Catholic faith tells us about how we should live. The speakers discuss relevant issues and it’s really awesome to be around people with such deep faith. Kieran, college freshman


What can I expect as a Steubenville participant?

A weekend of engaging speakers, fellowship, worship and traditions.

One of the most incredible experiences was when the priest walked around the auditorium with the monstrance (a vessel which displays the consecrated Host). The reactions were so powerful. I could actually feel God right there with us. It was life-changing. – Bella, high school senior


What do we do during the conference?

You can expect worship time, mass, confession, adoration, speakers, testimonies and fellowship.

The testimonies given by the speakers really impacted me. No matter what the topic, there was always something that related to my life. It was amazing to see how, even in their darkest moments, God was present in their lives. – Morgan, high school senior


Where do I stay at USD?

Participants stay in the dorms at USD and are asked to bring a sleeping bag and pillow, along with clothes and toiletries. A detailed packing list will be sent out in advance.

It was really cool to stay on a college campus and experience dorm life for a weekend, especially since I went to Steubenville right before senior year. We had small groups in the rooms and that experience really created a lasting fellowship. – Kieran, college freshman


What is the theme and how does it shape the conference?

The 2019 theme is BELONG. More info on next year’s theme will follow…

Steubenville is where people with questions find answers. No one feels out of place. The speakers are amazing and the theme will stay with you forever. I want to go to Steubenville every year. – Bella, high school senior


Where can I sign up/find out more information?

Call Andrew Watson at (949)218-3131 or visit here.