Faith Formation is a lifelong journey. We are all at different points on this journey and a one size faith formation program does not fit all. There is a shift to a greater focus on parents as the primary educators of the faith. Therefore, we have partnered with Pathways, an integrated and family centered formation suite designed to facilitate a personal encounter with the Trinity and sustain a lifelong development of faith within the family. This process is intended to lovingly support and form parents to confidently take up their rightful place as the primary educators of their children, through at-home and at-church experiences.

Regardless of your child’s grade level (1st-5th), they are invited to participate in the year of formation that aligns appropriately to their stage in the process. If this is your child’s first year, you will be focusing on progressive formation through our Seek and Root programs. For children in their second year, the concentration will be on immediate formation through the Sacramental Preparation programs of Mend and Nourish. Ongoing formation through the programs of Wonder and Mercy are for children in their third through fifth years.

Each of these programs have a unique schedule with lessons done through at-home family meetings and sessions done at-church. You can think of these sessions as retreats for both parents and children. See the schedule for your specific program with details about the at-church sessions, family meeting acknowledgements and suggested completion dates.

Because the hallmark and foremost expression of our Catholic identity is participation in Mass, we encourage all families to come to Mass together and join us for the at-church sessions as a family. Families are expected to respond to the invitation which we humbly and graciously accept as Catholics.  Without a regular commitment to Mass the Faith Formation experience falls flat as the Eucharist is the Source and Summit of our Catholic Faith.

Year 1: Seek & Root

Seek is a kerygmatic experience with 4 tracks: adults, parents, teens, and children, with age- appropriate content for each. Over the course of 4 at-church sessions participants will be invited on a journey to discover anew the good news of our faith by reflecting on the following themes: Community, Creation, Redemption, & Relationship

Root is a foundational catechetical experience focusing on the Creed for children, teens, and parents, with age-appropriate content for each.

CLICK HERE for the Year 1 Calendar.

Year 2: Mend & Nourish

In the second year of Faith Formation, children prepare to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion. In order to be eligible for year 2, children must have completed year 1.

Make a way with Mend, a first Reconciliation experience for the entire family. Invite parents to reflect on their experience of Reconciliation and equip them to teach, share faith, and pray with their children.

Make a way with Nourish, a first Communion experience for the entire family. Equip parents to teach, share faith, and pray with their children as they discover how the Mass relates to daily life.

CLICK HERE for the Year 2 Calendar.

Years 3-5: Wonder & Mercy

Make a way with Wonder, an ongoing formation experience for the entire family. Families will encounter the power of storytelling in the parables of Jesus through engaging their imaginations, hands-on activities, and meaningful conversations. Help families draw out the moral of each story and apply it to their daily lives.

Make a way with Mercy, an ongoing formation experience for the entire family. Families will encounter the face of Jesus in others as they learn about the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Families will reflect on how to live out the command of Jesus: “love one another as I love you.”

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Our goal at Holy Trinity is to create families of faith through formation and community. We invite all families to participate, not only in Sunday Mass, but also our various Elementary Encounters throughout the year. Each family is expected to attend and check-in at a minimum of eight encounters. See the Elementary Encounters calendar for dates and details. This list is live and more possible events may be added.

CLICK HERE for the Elementary Encounter Calendar.

For more information please contact:
Jennifer Cahuantzi, Director of Faith Formation
Phone: (949) 218-3131


Catechists will lead the at-church sessions for children, which will be a commitment of about 4-6 times a year.

Companions will accompany parents by facilitating small group discussions during the at-church sessions, which will be a commitment of about 4-6 times a year.

Training & Support Provided! God doesn’t always call the qualified. He qualifies the called!

If interested please contact:
Jennifer Cahuantzi, Director of Faith Formation
Phone: (949) 218-3131