Holy Trinity is excited to share with everyone that we will begin a good old-fashioned adult Bible study soon! We will spend a year with the four Gospels, getting to know them and their meaning for us and our families. What is “old-fashioned” about this study? Simply that we will use just our Bibles as the sole resource for our work, no videos, no workbooks, just the Word of God and our reflections and thoughts about the four gospels. So it’s BYOB, Bring Your Own Bible. We plan to meet every other week on Tuesday evenings from 7:00-8:15 PM, on Zoom. We will devote five to six meetings to each gospel allowing us to complete our study in approximately one year. The final meeting for each gospel will be a live gathering in the Parish Hall. So get to know Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Our start date will be Tuesday, November 2nd. If you are interested in exploring the gospels, you can register on our parish website. Just look for, “A Year With The Gospels”. Thanks – please join us as we break open the gospels together!

For more information please contact:

Justin Simonds: Justin.Simonds@hpe.com

Steve Day: socalbruin65@gmail.com