In June 2018, a team of Holy Trinity parishioners served on the parish’s first ever international Mission Trip. We traveled down to Ensenada, Mexico to partner with local churches and serve the community. It was an extremely impactful and faith-filled experience for all involved. Therefore, we have secured our dates for 2019 and would love to have you join us on our next Mission Trip!

June 22nd – 28th, 2019 we will once again be partnering with Praying Pelican Missions to offer families the opportunity to serve together in relational ministry. This trip is open to all families and parishioners (Children must be 8th grade and up with an accompanying adult).

We have now held all of our information meetings for this year! If you missed these meetings, or attended and have any additional questions, please contact Andrew Watson. We are now taking deposits to secure your spot on our June 2019 trip!







This is more than just a sticky note. This past week, I and a group of parishioners (now close friends of mine) from Holy Trinity went on the parish’s first mission trip. We were in Ensenada, Mexico for almost a week doing what one usually does on a mission trip: serving. It struck me, though, how much that went both ways. Where we provided material support the Ensenadans gave to us profound examples of trust in God, hospitality, and resilience. The poverty was heartbreaking to witness at times, and adding to the effect was the fact that it’s only a few hours away from quaint, privileged south OC. I saw dry brush hills similar to the ones where I live, yet they had not million-dollar homes enclosed in a gated community built upon them, but shantytowns connected by derelict roads. Despite the misery around them, those people hold their heads high. They share what little they have with strangers in inspiring examples of hospitality. They look to God with an unshakable trust. During the week, we met people who had been in and out of jail, trapped by addiction, and burdened by sickness and injury. We met children with contagious joy. Each of them had a story to tell. Stories full of sadness and hardship, hope and triumph. That sticky note (above) was given to me by a little girl we met and spent a lot of time with – it’s my invitation to her birthday party. I may not be there for her party, but I know I’ll try my best to continue to serve as I can with what I have, and to see people as just that: people. God’s children. We would all do well to remember that and treat each other as such. It’s honestly so difficult to put into words just how much this exeperience has impacted me, but let me tell you, I’ll never forget it!



¡Gloria a Dios! The Mission Trip was transformative to say the least. I have just returned from serving on my first mission trip with a group from Holy Trinity. I’ve been wanting to serve on a mission trip for years and I was beyond excited, but this was more than I could’ve ever expected. We spent the week in Ensenada and the amount of faith that the people had despite not having anything, was truly admirable. Seeing the conditions and the problems that many of these people faced in there day to day lives compare nothing to our small, insignificant problems we face here. I had always known that poverty existed, but finally meeting it and talking to the faces of poverty, put everything into a completely new light. Hearing their stories and all of the hardships they had, and through it all they all had this unbreakable faith. I wish I had faith like that. And even though we were there to serve them, there was never a moment where they were not serving us as well. I feel like lately I just haven’t been trusting God and I’ve been trying to fill my heart with things that don’t last. After this week, He has just filled my heart with his unending love and I just want to spread it and share it with the world. I hope to return Ensenada and more places like this to serve. And now that I’m back, I’m left with the question “where do we go from here?” And while we can’t be there to serve them now, we can glorify the Lord with every action we do! Make everything you do be a shining example of Christ through you. I hope that all of you could witness God working through these people and I wish you could experience something like this at least once in your life. I want to challenge you all to be a global citizen of the world, to live a life without borders, and to take a step back from your life today and think…just think, what can I do to better this world? Thank you Lord for making this trip possible and for blessing me with the life I have.