Come join the Holy Trinity Men’s Group for inspiring discussions to help us become better men, husbands, and fathers. We meet every Saturday morning at 7:30 am in the church Hall for scripture reading and group discussion.  During November, we will preview and discuss the weekly Gospel so that we can get more out of Sunday Mass.

  • Saturday 11/02  7:30 AM  – Seeking God Daily– What choice can you make to seek God?
  • Thursday 11/07 5:30PM  –  Holy Beer Night –  Fun, Fellowship, Football @The Ranch Grill
  • Saturday 11/09  7:30 AM – God has a Perfect Plan – Are you touching base with him?
  • Saturday 11/16 7:30 AM –  What Would Jesus Do? – Keep this question in your pocket
  • Saturday 11/23 7:30 AM – The Gratitude Attitude – How to give thanks to the Lord?