Heavenly Father,
We come to you in thanksgiving for the many wonderful blessings you
have bestowed on each of us and on our Holy Trinity community. As we
celebrate the 16th anniversary of our parish’s establishment this July,
may our hearts and minds be in tune with the joys, as well as, the needs
we have as faithful disciples. We ask that you guide us to be good
stewards of this church, our sacred and holy place of worship, and our
parish campus. May we cherish and tend to them in a responsible
manner. May we also be ever mindful of the critical need to sacrifice
within our means to address our debt obligations. Strengthen our
resolve to move steadily forward to meet this significant challenge. As
a people of faith and hope, and of love for you and one another, may
we embrace our role as faithful stewards in the same spirit of sacrifice
that Jesus taught us by his life and death for us.
In his precious name we pray.