With some 3 million people in Ukraine already in need of urgent humanitarian assistance at the time of the Russian military incursion, there is now immediate support needed to meet ongoing needs, as well as those related to families forced to flee their homes as the situation intensifies.

Catholic Relief Services and Caritas Ukraine partners on the ground have been providing emergency relief and recovery. They are preparing across Ukraine and in bordering countries, ready to provide safe shelter, hot meals, hygiene supplies, fuel to keep warm, transport to safe areas, counseling support and more.

The situation there is rapidly unfolding, and we could not do this work without your help. When you donate, you provide immediate assistance for your Ukrainian sisters and brothers affected by this crisis. To donate today, go to the landing pages in English (support.crs.org/donate/donate-ukraine) or Spanish (support.crs.org/dona/ucrania-emergencia).