Every human life, including unborn human life, is unique and unrepeatable, a person with inherent dignity and an eternal destiny. The intentional taking of any innocent human life is a grave moral evil, and people of faith and goodwill have an obligation to protect human life and oppose all attacks against human life and dignity. In CA this year, voters are faced with a choice to keep abortion law in our state as it is or to vote in favor of a new constitutional amendment that would permanently expand and vastly increase abortions in our state, without doing anything to give vulnerable women a real choice.

While we pray and work for the day when every human life, born and unborn, will be protected in law and welcomed in life, today we work to defeat this ballot initiative. To that end, we offer the following resources that will unite people across California to oppose this extreme initiative.

What is Proposition 1? 

Proposition 1 would enshrine the explicit right to abortion in our state constitution, setting a nationwide precedent. It is the most egregious expansion of abortion this country has ever seen.

It’s also the first time ever that CA voters are being asked to vote for unrestricted late term abortion, ending any real chance for California to protect unborn life in future laws.

Recent in-depth polling shows that a strong majority of California voters oppose late term abortions, oppose turning California into an abortion sanctuary state, and oppose using tax dollars to pay for abortions.

Prop 1 is misleading, expensive, and unnecessary – and we can stop it.  Learn More 

This November, Vote “No” On Prop 1

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No On Prop 1 – Parish Toolkit ( English and Spanish ) 

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This November, Vote “No” On Prop 1

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