Hello, dear families

COVID-19 guidelines have restricted our ability to serve our kindergarten thru 4th grade children at the 8:30am and 10:30am Sunday Mass times for dismissal of Children’s Liturgy of the Word. We will be back as soon as we are able to return to a safe environment. Please continue to check back for our return! We miss you and rest in the knowledge of our Lord’s continued protection.

God’s way is unerring; the Lord’s promise is tried and true; he is a shield for all who trust in him. 2 Samuel 22:31

What is Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLOW)?

It is the Liturgy of the Word adapted as a worship experience for children between kindergarten and fourth grade.  Helping them understand the Gospel message and participate at their level.  Therefore, the Catechist and Adult support satisfy their Sunday obligation and fully participate in reception of Holy Communion.

When is the CLOW dismissal?

CLOW is offered every Sunday at Holy Trinity during the 8:30am and 10:30am Mass times, with the exception of a few major holidays.  The children attend the beginning of Mass with their parents until the end of the Introductory Rites.  The priest will invite the children to come forward for a blessing and dismiss them from Mass with the CLOW Catechist and Adult support.  They will return to the church immediately after the Prayers of the Faithful.

We are in need of committed adult disciples to keep this precious ministry vibrant and healthy! We will be reaching out for help and if you are able to support 1X a month for 10- 20 minutes please prayerfully consider. To cooperate with the safe environment guidelines for the Diocese of Orange, we must have committed individuals in ministry who have been cleared to serve. While we appreciate those that step in to assist there must be a trained and cleared adult who is equipped to support Diocesan standards for ministry to children. At dismissal for C.L.O.W. priests must be confident that the ministry is being led by qualified individuals. Finally, this beautiful ministry needs committed adults willing to sacrifice a moment during Mass one time a month. If we do not have volunteers to serve the children that wish to attend then it may not be a ministry that is being directed and blessed by our Savior.  It is okay, it doesn’t mean we are letting anyone down. God provides and He will direct hearts to serve. Though the period of waiting is difficult, we can trust in the Spirit.

How can I help?

You are welcome to join the ministry! We must have a CLOW Catechist and Adult Support at each dismissal time!  This is a safety factor for the children God has put into our care.  Therefore, we must have two participating adults when the priest dismisses.  If two adults are not available, he will advise the children to return to their parents and there will not be a dismissal for the Mass time!   We will need your help!

 “Yes Lord!”

Contact Lyssa at  with any questions and/or concerns along with your willingness to serve as a Catechist or Adult Support.  A CLOW catechist will contact you to schedule a best time to begin training, preparing and mentoring you into this wonderful ministry to the youngest of these!  God bless you!