What is Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLOW?)

It is the Liturgy of the Word adapted as a worship experience for children from Kindergarten (age 5) – 4th grade (age 9). This gives them the opportunity to understand the Gospel message and participate in the Eucharistic celebration at their own level.

When does CLOW take place?

The children will be present at the beginning of the Mass in the church with their parents until the end of the Introductory Rites, when the priest invites them to leave for their own celebration with the CLOW leader. They will return to the church immediately after the Prayers of the Faithful. The CLOW leader will be notified by the usher that it is time to return to the church.

The time the children are with the CLOW leader depends on many factors, including the length of the individual homily and how much of the adult celebration is sung instead of spoken. Getting the timing right comes with practice and experience. The CLOW leader is given coloring pages, activity sheets, prayers, and songs to help manage.

Will I do this alone?

The CLOW leader may or may not be leading the group alone. At first, you will NOT be alone. An experienced CLOW catechist will train, prepare, mentor, and join you until you are comfortable in taking the lead position. Our prayer, is that there will be two catechists present at each Mass, one as the lead catechist and another as the support catechist.

What if I do not know the Word of God that well?

As a CLOW Leader, you will receive electronically catechist’s sheets sent a month in advance for the Sunday Mass time you have chosen with an outline and key points of the message and readings. Remember, most often the children will not remember all that you have shared, but they will remember YOU! They remember your love for each of them and an attitude of welcome!

“Yes Lord!”

Contact Patti pwieckert@holytrinityladera.org A CLOW catechist will contact you to schedule a best time to begin training, preparing and mentoring you into this wonderful ministry to the youngest of these! God bless you!